Silver Creek Township, Mills County, Iowa


  1. 40 Acre homestead that Buckley B. Anderson registered on June 15, 1855 at Kanesville, Iowa;
  2. 20 Acre property that Francis Lewis Whiting sold to Nathan Keanney on November 1, 1854;
  3. 160 Acre homestead that Cary Burdick registered December 15. 1853 at Kanesville, Iowa. The north 80 Acres were sold to Francis Lewis Whiting on April 18, 1854 by the Administrator of the Estate of Cary Burdick (Jackson Burdick).

Mills County, Iowa was formed in 1851. It was named for Major Frederick Mills of Burlington, Iowa who was killed at the Battle of Churubusco during the Mexican-American War.

Edwin's father Buckley B Anderson and his family moved to Mills County, Iowa about 1850. Buckley homesteaded 40 acres in the NENE sixteenth of Section 28 in Township 73 North in Range 42 West of the 5th Prime Meridian in Oak Township. Buckley received his Land Patent on June 15, 1855.

After their marriage in 1852, Emma's parents lived in the woods just north of Cary and Mary Burdick, Emma's grandparents who lived in Silver Creek Township, Mills County, Iowa. They homesteaded 160 acres in NE quarter of Section 19 of Township 72 West of Range 41 West of the 5th Prime Meridian in Silver Creek Township. Cary Burdick received his Land Patent on December 15, 1853. After Cary's death in 1854, this land was transferred to Francis Lewis Whiting, his son-in-law.

During the early 1850s when Edwin and Emma lived in Mills County, Iowa, they lived about six or seven miles apart. Their respective locations are shown on the above map.