1905 Plat of Minnesota District

The Rural Municipality of Vanscoy No. 345, Saskatchewan is located southwest of the city of Saskatoon, and was established December 13, 1909. Before 1935 was known as the Rural Municipality Number 345 of Richland and then was absorbed into into Loganton on October 16, 1909 and into Vanscoy April 16, 1934.

Vanscoy is a village of 339 residents in the rural municipality of Vanscoy No. 345, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Vanscoy is located on Highway 7 near Highway 762 in central Saskatchewan near Saskatoon the largest city in the province. To thewest is Rice Lake, the north, Goose Lake and on the east, Pike Lake and Pike Lake Provincial Park. One of the largest economic industries near Vanscoy is Agrium Vanscoy Potash Operations which produces produces 1,790,000 metric tonnes of potash a year.